If they have done something for the community, we want to know about it so we can tell others.

So what do we do?

There are still a lot of good guys out there and those are the ones Social Kudo looks for. If you know of a business that is doing something for the community, or helping out a Nonprofit, we want to know about it. We will help get the word out. Think of us as a "feel good" Reputation Reporter that sends out kudos to local companies that care. Here are just a few of the latest companies we have found.

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AllSports Etc. and local FB Group , Rockwallians, raise and donate over $1,900 for local charity!

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Willis Fine Jewelry has raised over $250,000 to pay for mammograms via their annual Pink Party.

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The CGH Group gives back over $43,000.00 to Heros!

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Local Transmission shop Feeds a senior citizen through Meals on Wheels, every time they lift a car for service in December!

If you are a Nonprofit looking to raise funds, visit us at SocialKudo.org