What’s the Pricing and ROI?

As a business owner, you have to look at the cost of Public Relations or “Popularity and Reputation” as any other business investment — will it affect my bottom line.  The answer is clearly yes…one way or the other, it will.

When looking at your Popularity and Reputation there are always two factors to consider:  1. The potential of lost revenue by not having a good reputation or being popular and 2. The potential earned revenue by having that great reputation and being popular in your community

What is the cost of a negative review, or the cost of not being recommended by a client?  How much goodwill can you get out of supporting a local charity?  These are all things that must be considered when calculating your ROI for the Engage, Socialize and Broadcast Strategy.  We have found that just one grade level on your Likeability score can represent thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in lost or gained revenue.  We normally see an increase of 20%+ in revenue per Grade level increase in each category!

All of our strategies are custom built and based upon the needs of our clients.  Social Kudo doesn’t require a retainer, nor do we charge hourly fees. First, we implement a six-month Popularity and Reputation Strategy based on an agreed-upon investment, which is either payable upfront with a prepayment discount or payable monthly.  During these six months, we optimize your business’ Popularity and Reputation, both online and in the community.  After that, most companies see the benefits of  Social Kudo and become clients for life and enter our maintenance phase for as little as $150.00 per month, per location, to ensure their score remains consistent, and purchase any one of our services al la carte when needed.